Fire Damage Photo Gallery

fire damage in warehouse

Warehouse Fire Damage

When this warehouse caught on fire, major destruction remained as can be seen in this picture. Our SERVPRO of Central Oklahoma City crew members arrived with our training and equipment to get the space back to, "Like it never even happened." 

severe fire damage in home, the springs are all that is left of a mattress

Fire Damage in Home Leaves Destruction

Damages after a fire scorched this home left extensive destruction. Seen here is the aftermath of that fire and what remains in this families bedroom. Handling of personal items and the cleanup of smoke and soot should always been handled by professionals. 

burned car in warehouse

Fire Damage Clean Up in Warehouse

This devastating fire was quite a task to restore for our SERVPRO of Central Oklahoma City professionals. After fires are extinguished, the clean up of smoke and soot and more is a job for trained professionals. We are happy and proud to help. 

Close up of kitchen cabinets underneath a counter filled with ashes and soot.

Kitchen Destroyed by House Fire

This is a photo from a job site of a large house fire that SERVPRO of Central Oklahoma City was called out to do a full range of services of all. Our crew helped with the clean up, the contents management, and ultimately the reconstruction of the house. Our turnkey services set us apart from the competition, and allow us to be there with you from start to finish. 

Toy moved on a carpet to show dark dirty carpet versus light clean carpet.

Fire Can Affect Your Carpet!

There are many unfortunate effects that fire can have on your property! Your home may become covered in ash, which can ruin your belongings to a greater extent than even the actual flames did! Luckily, SERVPRO of Central Oklahoma City provides carpet and upholstery cleaning services. 

Couch with pillows moved to show affect of soot and ash.

Care of Soft Contents

Unfortunately, when a fire occurs, things you did not even consider will be affected. For instance, the carpet, fabric, and upholstery at your property could be affected by the odor. Additionally, they could be horribly soiled by ash and soot. Our technicians here at SERVPRO of Central Oklahoma City are highly skilled in dealing with soft contents and will do everything we can to restore your items and property to preloss condition.

Woman working with an ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Trust our Contents Cleaning Services

At SERVPRO of Central Oklahoma City, we understand how much your belongings mean to you. If your property requires contents cleaning post-fire, trust your items in the hand of our production technicians. They are trained and highly skilled, and well handle each of your objects with the care and consideration that they deserve.

Bathroom scale on a floor next to the outline of the shape of it in soot.

Fire Means More Than Flames

Just because the physical flames have been put out, that does not mean that the damage that the fire can do has ended. You may find that your home or business is covered in ash and soot. Your belongings may be unrecognizable. We are here to help you with any loss you may be facing post-fire.

Burned kitchen filled with ashes and with the ceiling collapsed.

Residential Fire Damage

This photo is from a residential property that is currently going through the reconstruction process after an electrical fire started in the kitchen. The fire quickly spread throughout the whole house, which unfortunately caused even more damage than what is seen in this photo. Stay tuned for after pictures!