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Types of Odors Impacting Your Business

8/4/2021 (Permalink)

Water vacuum dispensing water into large trash can Flood damage is one of three common causes of foul odors in your commercial property.

Lingering odors can cause a lot of problems for your business, so it’s important to know the different types of odors and what their main cause is so you can identify and eradicate them.

Odors are typically the product of a fire, flooding or infestation of mold, each having their own causes, attributes and ways to remediate them. The important part to remember is you must discover the cause of the odor before you do anything else. Only then can you find the appropriate response and solution to the problem.

At SERVPRO® of Central Oklahoma City, we hope to not only serve you in all of your restoration needs but also be an educational resource so you can be prepared in the case of an unfortunate event. Here are some different types of odors and what their typical cause is:

Odors from fire

Odors that result from fire are often smoky smelling and can be caused by soot, smoke damage to materials such as wood or entrapped smells within walls, furniture or even clothes. If the cause is soot, it is typically easy to identify as it appears black and powdery in appearance. Smoke can also be the underlying issue from burned food or a larger building fire and can consist of different fumes and chemicals, so it’s best to act quickly in eradicating this odor. Those who work or reside in the building can have their health compromised from these lingering odors.

Odors from flooding

These odors are typically pungent smelling and can be caused by sewage, growth of bacteria and mold/mildew. An example of this occurs if there is a burst pipe in which the sewage and wastewater will diffuse this odor. This flood water also contains bacteria that can absorb into porous furniture and provide a health hazard to those in the building.

Odors from infestations of mold

This odor is described as earthy, stale and damp. Mold that is left alone for too long can grow, which results in the production of gases that are known as microbial volatile organic compounds. These gases are basically the waste products of mold, leaving a musty odor to disperse through the building.

Overall, it’s best practice to act quickly when you notice an odor, even after the restoration process is complete. You never know how the bacteria within these odors can impact you and the people within the building.

Preparing Your Business for a Flood

6/30/2021 (Permalink)

Flooding in the lobby of an office building Because flooding never schedules an appointment, it's smartest to stay ready all the time.

Flooding occurs more commonly than we think. In fact, flooding has been named the most common disaster in the country, and people should know this and understand how to live with it. It’s wise to stay prepared for floods at your business or commercial property. Those caught unprepared when a flood arrives can pay dire consequences because of it. And with that in mind, your neighbors at SERVPRO of Central Oklahoma City have pulled together some steps you can take to alleviate flood damage:


Of course, the story starts with insurance. Flood insurance is valuable and worth every penny. Many don’t realize that they need insurance for a natural disaster like a flood until that disaster strikes and it is too late. Flood insurance will help your business deal with unexpected damages or losses. 

Flood Shield

A flood shield, also known as flood barriers, are panels made to protect all different kinds of openings from storm damage. The main purpose is to make buildings water resilient rather than trying to figure out a way to block out water. By doing so, water damage will be less severe and the recovery time will not be as long. The fittings are made specifically for commercial applications, so you can trust these shields can adhere to any commercial space. An alternative would be to consider boarding up all of the windows, doors, ventilation shafts, and any other openings that will prevent damage for cheaper. If you are able to afford a flood shield, we recommend that this is the best option in the long run.

Backflow Prevention Valves

Backflow prevention valves are plumbing fixtures that make water flow in one direction. When these are installed in drains, it is not possible for flood water to enter the building through those pipes, which mitigates how much damage a flood can deliver in your commercial property. There are many options when it comes to deciding on these devices, so it is best to let the experts decide which one is good for your application.

Flood Restoration

And, as always, call us 24/7 in the event of a flood and we’ll dispatch a team of experts to your commercial property right away. We’re faster to any disaster! Just call: (405) 252-9400.

Preparing a Commercial First Aid Kit

6/23/2021 (Permalink)

Photo of a first aid kit You'll never know when you might need a first aid kit at your commercial property, but when you do you'll be glad you have one.

Protecting your commercial property is important, and, of course, protecting the people inside it is even more vital. You know that if the unforeseen happens to your commercial property that SERVPRO of Central Oklahoma City is faster to any disaster and experts in making it "Like it never even happened."

But there are also ways to protect your employees, customers, or really anyone in your structure should an emergency take place. That begins with an on-site First Aid Kit.

If you don’t already have one in your property, you should take steps to procure one for the benefit of everyone involved. It is easy and fairly cost effective to put the kit together, and you never know when it could come to someone’s rescue.

Here are some tips for putting together a commercial property first aid kit:

Use OSHA’s First Aid Kit Checklist

Search online and you’ll quickly find a checklist for commercial first aid kits as put together by OSHA, or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. As their department name indicates, they’re experts in these matters.

And when you take a look at the checklist, you’ll see that many of the items are easily accessible at local drug stores or pharmacies. Items like gauze pads, bandages, tweezers, adhesives, and more are as important as they are commonly found on the shelves at local retailers.

Practice Makes Perfect

Even if you think emergency response is straightforward, you can never do too much training to ensure the safety of the people in your property. Ensure all necessary parties know where the first aid kit is stored, and ensure people on-site are trained in how to proceed. For instance, things like cleaning wounds before applying bandages can be the difference in healing the wound or developing an infection.

If and when an emergency occurs, your staff should be a well-oiled machine ready to jump into action. Even if an emergency requires further medical attention off-site, the steps you take in the initial moments after the emergency are a big difference-maker.


To find more information on putting together first aid kits or how to use them when needed, consult the OSHA website. And remember, once you can ensure the health of all the people on-site, you can call SERVPRO of Central OKC 24/7 to respond to any restoration emergency at (405) 252-9400.

Tell Me More: Commercial Restoration

3/23/2021 (Permalink)

Traditional office setting with cubicles set up across the floor If an unexpected emergency leaves your business' equipment and information in jeopardy, call SERVPRO of Central Oklahoma City for help.

There’s never really a “good time” for a commercial restoration project. Often they come out of necessity, without any warning, bringing your business to a screeching halt. With that in mind, we work fast - without sacrificing quality or thoroughness - to get your business back up and running after sustaining water or fire damage.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Commercial water restoration can present unique challenges, but it’s nothing we haven’t already conquered before. Our on-site team is comprised of Water Damage Restoration Technicians, Applied Structural Drying Technicians, Odor Control Technicians, and Upholstery and Fabric Cleaning Technicians, and each plays a key role in our process.

These technicians are expertly trained and equipped with top-of-the-line equipment to limit water damage and jumpstart the restoration process.

Learn more about SERVPRO Professional Franchise Training and Certifications.

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

Like with water damage, our fire damage restoration process involves a highly skilled team of expert technicians, armed with top equipment and unmatched training. The team includes Fire and Smoke Restoration Technicians, Odor Control Technicians, Upholstery and Fabric Cleaning Technicians, and even Water Damage Restoration Technicians to restore any damage caused by putting out the initial fire at your commercial property.

And, whether it’s a fire or water damage restoration project when all is said and done we will not only keep our “Like it never even happened,” promise, but we can affirm that your commercial property is SERVPRO Certified clean, leaving no doubt around the cleanliness and safety of your property.

Disaster Recovery Team

It’s important to act fast when a natural disaster strikes your commercial property, and that’s why we have strategically placed storm teams who are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They’ve dealt with damage from tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, blizzards; you name it, they’ve seen it before, and no job is too large for our teams.

And beyond commercial restoration, in the event of a storm or natural disaster, our SERVPRO Large Loss Division will come to your rescue. We know damaged equipment or products can not only cost you money but cost you time in re-opening your business, which is why we ensure every large loss is overseen by a Commercial Operations Manager. This person a seamless communication in replacing damaged equipment or goods.

Learn more about our Disaster Recovery Team.

Understanding and Eliminating Mold and Its Odor

2/1/2021 (Permalink)

Drywall covered with mold. Words that say MUSTY ODOR? Commercial mold damage in Oklahoma City, OK

One of the surest ways to know your business in Oklahoma City, OK, may be experiencing a mold problem is a potent musty odor. Why does that smell of rotten wood or wet socks happen? This living organism experiences different stages of growth. During that process, mycotoxin, which may or may not be harmful, is produced. These chemical products impact the growth cycle, resulting in the fungi releasing odorous gases.

The Growth Cycle

Mold spores may be everywhere, but they need the right conditions to grow. Unfortunately, the only requirements are the right temperatures, moisture and food. Once those are in place, the spores go through four stages.

Growth starts with thread-like cells feeding on porous materials. Enzymes are released that decompose food sources for easier absorption. That soon leads to a cluster.
As that cluster develops, spores begin to form on the ends. When the environment is right, they will continue to flourish. At this point, the mycotoxin may be forming, which may lead to the first signs of an odor.
The spores eventually are released into the air. They travel to other areas to begin the process again, but only if the conditions are right.
If the spores find an ideal environment, they will reproduce and germinate. That means a new infestation somewhere else on the property.

Complete Odor Removal
Knowing that mold is both a surface and airborne issue, eliminating and preventing future outbreaks go hand in hand. Seeking help from a mold remediation and restoration company is often the best solution. They have the latest tools to find hidden issues, kill the mold and prevent its spread. They also have industrial-grade devices, such as HEPA filtration devices, that filter out tiny particles and ensure a clean-smelling environment.
While not every mold may produce a mycotoxin, each kind will create a pungent odor. Taking action at the first signs of the smell makes it easier to get rid of the problem.

Can a Fire Mitigation Company Help With the Whole Restoration Process?

1/13/2021 (Permalink)

Commercial building damaged by fire Commercial fire damage in Warr Acres, OK

After a fire at your business in Warr Acres, OK, you have a long list of tasks to take care of. Once the fire trucks leave, you are left with fire damage as well as smoke and water damage. You might be wondering exactly where to begin. It's a good idea to consider hiring a restoration company to handle everything from start to finish.

Why Should I Hire a Restoration Company?

A professional mitigation company specializes in disaster assessment, cleanup, and restoration. Technicians can begin the process from the moment you make a call, any time of day or night. They will go through the steps that will get your building back to the way it was before the fire. They can take care of:

  • Inspecting and assessing the damage
  • Boarding up and tarping the roof
  • Removing and drying the water
  • Removing smoke and soot
  • Cleaning and sanitizing
  • Building restoration

What Is the Restoration Process?
First, technicians will visit your property to assess the fire damage. The fire area will be inspected along with adjoining areas to check the extent of repair needed. To maintain security, professionals will board up compromised windows or doors and cover the roof with a tarp to prevent further water or storm damage. Water removal will begin right away. Technicians will clean walls, carpet, window treatments and items of smoke and soot. Throughout the process, the company will provide your insurance adjuster with documentation.
Once your building is clean and sanitized, restoration can begin. Professionals will make smaller repairs where needed, such as installing drywall, laying new carpet or repainting surfaces. They will clean your belongings and restore items whenever possible rather than replacing them. Fire mitigation for areas with major damage may include rebuilding. Professionals can reconstruct rooms where needed.
Trusting a professional restoration company can help you through the process of repairing fire damage and ease the burden on you.

3 Ways To Protect Your Property From Spring Flooding

12/22/2020 (Permalink)

Leaves in rain gutter with the phrase ARE YOU AWARE? Keep your gutters clean

Steps To Protect Your Commercial Property

As the winter months give way to spring, the weather is often unpredictable. There may be days when the temperature drops below freezing and days filled with rainstorms. Any snow buildup begins to melt quickly, sometimes overwhelming the local drainage systems. Too often, the capricious changes in weather and the abundance of moisture cause flooding problems for Warr Acres, OK, businesses. The good news is that there are several steps you can take to protect your commercial property.

Move Snow Away From Buildings

One of the main causes of spring flood problems is melting snow. After removing snow from sidewalks, parking lots, and other areas, the snow should be piled up away from the foundations of your buildings. When possible, put the snow on ground that can absorb the spring runoff.

Check Your Interior and Exterior Pipes

Hopefully, you made sure your pipes and hoses were empty during the fall before the first major freeze. Even if you did complete this preventative step, however, it's often possible for water to freeze in the pipes. As spring brings warmer weather, any frozen pipe is likely to thaw. Unfortunately, as water froze in those pipes, the developing ice could have created cracks or weak areas. As the ice thaws, it releases water into your building – sometimes dripping into your walls or down the foundation.

Inspect the Gutters and Other Elements of the Drainage System

Just as the pipes are weakened by ice, so the gutters can also become damaged when snow or ice flows build up. During the winter, be sure to keep the gutters free of debris and double-check to be sure that drainage areas can accept the flow of water from melting snow or spring flooding.
Each season is full of change, but some are predictable. Melting snow, early rainstorms, and frozen gutters or pipes can cause flooding. If you aren't sure what to expect or if your property has suffered damage from too much water, contact water damage cleanup and repair professionals.

Benefits of Boarding Up Your Building

9/9/2020 (Permalink)

West Elm store with windows and glass doors boarded up. Boarding up your business can protect you from a variety of other risks.

Owning a commercial property requires a high level of care and consideration. Aside from routine maintenance and upkeep, you also have to decide what to do when unexpected events do occur. SERVPRO of Central Oklahoma City offers board up services, which can be an essential for properties in our geographic area considering how prone it is to strong winds and thunderstorms. Read on to learn benefits that come along with boarding up your commercial property.

Protect your property from the elements. Windows are the most vulnerable part of your property. Even if you only have damage to one window, it is important to board up this window to prevent further damage. This broken window could serve as an entry point for water and cause damage to the inside of your building. This will leave you more problems to deal with than you had initially, and will create a bigger hassle for you.

Protect your property from vandals and thieves. Broken windows may be an entry point for more than just water or dirt-thieves and vandals often see broken windows as an easy access point. Boarding up your windows protects your assets. If an intruder did enter your building and sustained an injury, you could be liable. Boarding up also protects you from this potential risk.

Maintain your insurance coverage. Many insurance providers require you to board up your property after damage to ensure that more damage is not done. If you do not comply with this part of your insurance policy, you may lose coverage, which will create a whole other set of problems for you, especially if your property is already damage.

Contact SERVPRO of Central Oklahoma City for any board up services that you may require. Whatever your commercial property needs, SERVPRO of Central Oklahoma City is here to help!

When to Board Up Your Building

9/9/2020 (Permalink)

Multi-level red brick industrial building with some windows vandalized and some windows boarded up with plywood. There are a number of reasons why you may want to board up your business.

There are a number of reasons that a commercial property might pursue board up services. Board up services may be preventative or protective. This blog will cover some of the situations and scenarios where it may be beneficial to seek out board up services.

Before a storm. If a storm is headed to town  (which is quite often here in Oklahoma City), it might be a good idea to board up your building to prevent initial damage to the windows and glass doors. Boarding up your windows as a preventive measure can help protect your home from internal exposure to other elements that the weather could bring with it.

After a property has been vacated. If you are a landlord or a property manager and you had to evict tenants at one of your properties, you might consider boarding up the property if you know that the property is going to be vacant for a length of time. If you are an urban area with a homeless population, vagrants may break through a window in search of shelter. Additionally, thieves might try to break in through a window to see if there is anything of value. Boarding up your property protects both your property and any large standing assets.

After a storm. If you did board up your building prior to a storm and are now dealing with broken windows or glass doors, your building is now exposed to the elements. Protect the inside of your building by boarding up your broken windows while you await repair.

After a fire. The heat from a structural fire may cause your windows to break. Windows broken by fire lead to the same problem as  all broken windows-an  entry point to natural outside elements and intruders. Protect yourself and your property from further damage by boarding up any broken windows you may have after a fire.

These are just a few of the instances in which it might be wise to seek out board up services for your commercial property. SERVPRO of Central Oklahoma City is here to help you with any board up services you may need, no matter the circumstances.

Fires in Commercial Properties

9/2/2020 (Permalink)

Worm's eye view of a city sky. It is important to protect your commercial property from the threat of fires.

There are many different risks that come along with a owning a business. Some risks are a result of human error while others may arise out of natural (or unnatural) disasters. In 2018, 103,600 fires occurred in nonresidential buildings, resulting in over $2 million of loss. Data collected and analyzed by the U.S. Fire Administration shows that nonresidential fires increased by 26% between 2009 and 2018.

The most common cause of nonresidential fires is cooking and kitchen appliances, with 25-30% of nonresidential fires being cooking-related. Human error accounts for about 10% of nonresidential fires. This category includes forgetting to unplug appliances and electronics, improper disposal of cigarettes, and forgetting to blow out candles. The number of intentionally set fires is not far below the number of fires that were started intentionally or carelessly. In 2018, 10,200 fires were intentional. Finally, electric malfunctions account for about 7% of nonresidential fires.

The best way to protect your property from the threat of fires is to have smoke and fire alarms installed throughout the building. Make sure to test and have them serviced regularly to ensure that they are working and ready to go in the event that a fire does occur. Additionally, it can help to have motion sensor cameras set up around your property so you can respond quickly if you are a victim of arson. Most arson occurs in trash cans or dumpsters, so we sure that these areas of your business have a monitoring system in place so you can move quickly and minimize the damage.

If you did have a fire occur at your commercial property, SERVPRO of Central Oklahoma City is here to help you get your business back up and running as quickly as possible. Call us today at (405)252-9400 or submit an information form online. We are here to help!

Preparing Your Business for Emergency

8/5/2020 (Permalink)

Large industrial building with severe structural damage. Natural disasters or horrible accidents can cause severe structural damage to your place of business.

Unfortunately, in life, accidents happen and disasters strike. All too often, these types of events happen when we least expect it. Luckily, we can prepare in advance to defend ourselves against things getting to the absolute worst point they possibly can.

Business owners face a special type of risk when considering accidents or disasters. If they do not prepare for mishaps and consider how they will respond in trying times, they could face even more loss and expend more resources than necessary. Unfortunately, as many as 50% of businesses close following a disaster. When it comes to creating an emergency preparedness plan for your business, there are several elements that every business owner should consider in order to best protect their property, assets, and employees. Here are several steps you can take so that you are prepared in the event that misfortune does strike:

-Conduct a risk assessment of your business. Consider what threats you business is most vulnerable to. Take into account a number of factors, such as what type of business you conduct and environmental factors so you can make informed decisions when considering the costs and benefits of different plans to implement.

-Create an action plan for emergency. If you own a business where employees or customers could be present when an unfortunate decision takes place, we sure that all your employees are aware of the emergency exits in your building. Make sure that they understand all expectations and responsibilities that may be placed on them during an emergency, given the specific circumstances.

-If you live in an area where you are especially susceptible to natural disasters such as tornadoes or hurricanes, make sure that everyone knows where the appropriate place to take shelter is. Additionally, keep an appropriate amount of essential supplies on hand. Encourage your employees to create their own emergency kits.

-Regularly review your insurance policy. Make sure you have emergency coverage. This can help protect you from potential extreme (and sometimes, unnecessary) financial loss.

SERVPRO of Central Oklahoma City is here for whatever happens, but we are also here to help you be “ready for whatever happens.” We can help you develop an Emergency READY profile so that you have an immediate plan of action to help you minimize business interruption and to complete mitigation in a timely manner.